Sunday, November 28, 2010

Coming Soon :)

​‎​‎​‎​Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

How are you doing girls? Hope you are well and doing well as always InsyaAllah ;)

Here, we would like to introduce you to a new community called 'HIJABERS Community'.

Nowadays many muslim girls in Indonesia have decided to wear hijab to fulfill one of their obligations being a muslim woman as per written in the Qur'an. Given the increase numbers, many questions have been raised related to hijab wearing style and how to be istiqomah in wearing it. So we thought that it will be amazing if all hijab wearing girls could gather around in one community and start sharing tips, experiences and many other things that will be beneficial to each other.

HIJABERS Community is created for all hijab wearing girls and also for those who are currently in the process of learning to wear it :). InsyaAllah this community will accommodate events beneficial to all Indonesian hijabers, from fashion tips, various hijab style tutorials, Islamic studies, and many more. Anything that will make us a better muslim woman. Not only information but you will also meet new friends here, extending your networks and love ;)

So what are you waiting for? Join our community, meet new friends, learn new things, let's be role models, join HIJABERS Community!

Follow us on:
twitter - @HijabersComm
blog -
Facebook Page - Hijabers Community
Looking forward to see you on our next event insyaAllah!

Wassalamualaikum Wr. Wb.
Lots of love,
Hijabers Community

P.S. this blog will be update in very soon. Do wait for it :)


  1. Alhamdulillah sudah di follow..

    semoga komunitas ini juga semakin meningkatkan ukhuwah persaudaraan muslim/ah diantara kita..dan kalo bs dapat tambahan ilmu agama juga bukan sekedar kumpul2 aja.. aammmiinn ;)

  2. udah follow,,,
    moga2 pas ada acara kumpul2 pas aku di Jakarta,,,
    pengen bnget ketemu para hijabers....
    harus updet di twitter biar gak ktinggalan info...

  3. Wow thank you for creating such wonderful community. I'm proud to be part of you. I intend to come to your event Insha Allah. Go Go hijabers :)

  4. I'd love meet new friends here :D go go hijabers!

  5. I'm following :)
    such a cute cute cute community.

  6. Halooo, salam kenal..congrast! akhirnya ada community untuk para hijabers, hehe..
    Semuanya sudah ku follow kemarin, hehehe...
    Semoga bisa saling bertukar info yang bermanfaat yaa :))

  7. assalamu'alaikum..

    aq udah following loohh...

  8. im following :)
    kalo ada event mawu dateng deh :)

  9. assalamualaikum ..
    atha udah follow semuanya..
    aku newbie wear hijab ..
    mantep setelah idul adha, aku mulai berjilbab..
    seneng banget ada hijabers community..

    mudah mudahan masih belum terlambat..
    happy ied mubarak averyone :)

  10. Sure! I'm following this blog.
    Bravo hijabers :)

  11. Assalamu'alaikum wr.wb..
    hi hijabers community salam kenal yaa..
    seneng banget deh ada hijabers community, semoga hijabers community ini akan slalu ada dan kita semua bisa silahturahmi slalu..

    salam :)

  12. Asslam, hola hijabers community, good job for establishing this blog, i'm certainly following you to get know with all hijabers worlwide ;) look forward to ur upcoming posts, hopefully this gonna keep the silaturrahim between all musimahs, InsyaAllah ;) salam...

  13. waiting for your new post :)
    already followed girls!

    btw bikin button dong,, biar bisa di share lebih eye cathcing :) hehhehe :)

  14. assalamualaikum... Following done hehehe. semoga bisa bikin event di luar jakarta juga ya...

  15. ikut ikut ikutttt (^^,)


  16. assalamuaikum :)
    i'm so excited too.. salam kenal semuanyaa.. :)

  17. Alhamdulillah.. We thank you all for your positive responds!
    stay tune for more updates! :)

    Hijabers Community..

  18. im so excited to meet u all hijabers... ^^

    keep istiqomah guys..

  19. Huaaa...
    Seneng ada komunitas hijabers..
    Mudah-mudahan silaturrahminya bisa terjalin terus sampai kehidupan abadi nanti..
    Salam kenal semuanyaaaa..

  20. already follow ur twitter, nice LOVE It :-)

  21. aku mauuuu ikutan donk enak banget kumpul kumpul..hikss hiks...

  22. this blog was so sweet...
    love you all!

  23. Oia hanya mengingatkan, di post ini twitter - @hijabers . Udah berganti jadi @HijabersComm kan ya? Thank u

  24. Assalamualaikum..maaf, kalau mau join hijabers community harus follow on twitter atau member di facebook atau punya blog sendiri ya? I'm very interested to join, but currently inactive to social network.. ;). looking forward to your reply..thank u..wassalamualaikum..

  25. Alhamdulillah..finally I decided to create my own blog (which is still empty until now), just to be able to join Hijabers Community..Insya Allah kita semua bisa mendapatkan manfaat dari komunitas ini..and congratulations to all the Winners! All of you looked stunning and naturally beautiful.. :) Looking forward to hijabers community's next event & news..

  26. assalamu'alaikum sist...
    kalo udah follow blognya, udah tergabung di hijabers community belum ya ?
    i'm so interested, but i live in Jambi.
    how about that ??

  27. i'm waiting for reply :)
    follow my blog too sist, i'm a newbie...

  28. ga ad artikel cara memasang jilbab yaa?? :(