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Parenting Ala Rasulullah SAW


Alhamdulillah, on Tuesday, 25th January 2011, Hijabers Community got a chance to attend Noor Magazine Islamic Studies again at their office around Pasar Minggu.

Since the organizer was Noor Magazine and the space was limited, Hijabers Community (HC) didn’t spread the invitation on our social media. But don’t worry! InsyaAllah after our official launching on 19th March 2011 at Pondok Indah Lestari, we plan to create our own Islamic Studies (red. Pengajian) every month for all our followers. So stay tune with the news!

Tata Lukmanika & Indriya R. Dani

It was opened by Noor’s Editor in Chief, Mrs. Jetti Rosila Hadi followed by the reading of Al-Qur'an by Tata Lukmanika and Indriya R. Dani. The ‘pengajian’ was discussed a topic about: “PARENTING ALA RASULULLAH SAW”. We really excited with the topic because it is a very important topic for parents especially for all Muslim mothers and mothers-to-be out there. Parents have been given the noble duty of guiding the future generations. It is their task to ensure that their children get a sound education for the world and hereafter.

The ‘pengajian’ was started by Ust. Fachri and followed by Ustz. Neno Warisman and Ustz.Bardriyah Fayumi.

Ustz. Neno Warisman, Ust. Fachri, Mrs. Jetti Rosila Hadi


The Spectrum of Life
(Ust. Fachri)

Children have been entrusted to us by Allah SWT. Parents have been given responsibility to raise them until the day Allah decided to take them back. Before we were born, all of us are actually living at the same age in the ‘Spirit World’, which in Bahasa we call it ‘Alam Ruh’. From here Allah SWT send us to the world at different times, depending on the roles that Allah give to us, whether it’s becoming a father; mother; aunty; uncle; brother; sister; or others.

”Every second of our time in this world is a choice.”

Allah always wants the best for us. He has equipped us with lessons and knowledge that we can learn from the life of our prophets, from Adam AS to Muhammad SAW (Peace be upon him).

Allah sends us to the world in order to follow Allah’s rules but at the same time to become leaders (Khalifah) too. We have to remember; in order to become Allah’s followers and Khalifah we have to pursue our responsibilities at the best way, which is known as AHSANUL AMALA. Many of us are Allah’s followers but very seldom being grateful of what we have. Many of us are Khalifah, but often we are not amanah to our jobs.

How to become Allah’s followers and Khalifah who have the added values of AHSANUL AMALA? All we have to do is focusing our efforts and thoughts by being positive to whatever things that happen to us. Yes, be positive! Believe that when we are in a painful or unfavorable situation,that is a reminder to us from Allah SWT, regard them as something positive. Believe that all downfalls are something that will make us a stronger and a better person.

Everyone who lives in this world will die and will be sent to ‘Alam Barzah’, it’s a waiting room for humans who have died. They will wait here until the world ends.

When the world ends and everyone has died. All of us will be sent to ‘Alam Mahsar’, this is the place where our deed will be calculated. Allah will play us the video of our life, from the day we were born until the day we die, each second will not be missed, nor be fast forwarded. The answer will be decided here, whether we are going to heaven or hell.


Child Development
(Mrs. Neno Warisman)

“The best role of a woman is being a mother.”

Verily, one edge of our life is hold by Allah SWT and another edge of our life is hold by His believers, so we won’t get lost. Not all married couple had a chance to have a child of their own. For those who had the chance, please be grateful and raise your children at your best efforts.

Raising a child excellently is by providing them the best things that we could every give, for instances:

·        The best time
Don’t let your job at the office stopping you from breastfeeding your child. We all know that breastfeeding is the most important thing for a child’s body and brain development.

·    The best food
Always give your children the best food you can serve. Don’t leave you breastfeeding term, go through this term completely and enjoy the moment. Make sure the food is Halal, healthy and fresh. Because you are what you eat.

·    The best behavior
Equip yourself with enough knowledge about raising children, child development, parenting and others related. Read book, attend seminar or workshop; keep better yourself by improving your skills in being a parent.

According to Aristoteles, a child’s development can be divided to 3 stages and the following are the explanations:

0-7 year-old

At these times, the brain of a child is in the process of developing, this the time for your kids to play, and only play.

Neurons start composing the brain based on the experience that a child have during their life. Hence, let your child explore their life by letting them trying new things and experience.

Parents are suggested to not be mad to their child at all despite whatever they do. Try to be gentle and explain things carefully and calmly. Free yourself from madness and other activities, help your children, focus on them.

Rasulullah is the person who loves kids very much. The sound of kids crying at mosque is not a distraction for him. When his son climbing his back while he is doing his sujud, he stays sujud until his son satisfied playing on his back, then he get up from his sujud. That’s how Rasulullah teach you to raise your kids.

You are late for work, but your child is still sitting there, learning to tie their shoes by themselves, don’t be mad at them or intervene in the process, just try to be patient and allow yourself to come late to work this time just for the sake of your child. Because that’s a precious time for your child and you want them to have it. Islam is a religion that only fits to people who want to go through process.

A child who often gets a gentle touch and smiles would become a very different person with a child who always get screamed and sad faces from their parent. Because those actions give a massive impact to the brain development of their baby. In the first 7 years, parents are in the process of creating a great human.

8-14 year-old

These are the moment of your children entering schools; meet new friends not only at their age but also those above and below them. These are the years where they learn subjects and earn social skills.

Despite the different capacity that each child has in absorbing knowledge, school curriculum is designed the same to every schoolin Indonesia. Hence, it wouldn’t be a surprise if we found some children are not be able to cope with the study and achieve marks below the average. To these children, the pressure that they have leads them to experience BLASHTed (bored, lonely, anxiety, hungry, stress, tired) effect.

Parent must not burden their children with something that out of their capacity. So parents must understand their child, know their capacity, and know their limit.

Teachers do not have enough time to cater each child one by one at school. This is parents’ job at home to help fix their problems they face in school.

15-21 year-old

This is the puberty stage where the children are transiting from a child to a grown up person.

Parents must start teaching their children about characters such as amanah, fathanah, tabligh, sidiq and more. Disciple is a two-way communication, not one-way. Parents cannot only ask their children to do things but they also have to show them how to do it. Parents must show example in their daily life too, be their role model.

Interesting fact: at the age of 16, the neuron of a child will not develop anymore.

The discussion was continued with sharing session. We were overwhelmed by the story of the audiences about what they have been through with their children or the struggle of those who have trying to have a child. Being a mother is a noble job, raising a child is not easy, we all must willing to learn more and more.


Hope you all enjoy reading it and gain something out of it :) have a blissful day! Always spend your time productively, give the best for yourself and people around you :)

Wassalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

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Featured : NooR Magazine

Assalamu'alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu

Hi all! How's life? We wish you all are in the highest iman & health, insyaAllah.

Again, we would like to say Alhamdulillah because Hijabers Community got the chance to be featured in NooR Magazine on their #1st issue in 2011.
This article is actually based from our previous post entitled Enchacing Our Inner Beauty about Islamic Study Group. :)



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Featured : Republika

Assalamu'alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu

We would like to say Alhamdulillah for the opportunity to be featured in Republika on January 22nd 2011. Thanks to Republika, also Mr. Wihdan Hidayat as photographer and Ms. Indira Rezkisari as a journalist.

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